25 May 2018
The Russian payment tag AIRTAG® Pay is certified by MasterCard
Multi-application payment key fob AIRTAG® Pay, developed by ISBC for banking, has passed international certification. The RFID tag has received official approval of MasterCard, and also confirmed compliance with EMVCo standards. 

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18 May 2018
Payment tag AIRTAG® Pay from ISBC combines all functions of bank cards with non-financial services
The ISBC group has developed the contactless RFID-tag AIRTAG® Pay, which complies with the EMVCo standards and the requirements of payment systems. AIRTAG® Pay is a new stage in the development of bank cards.

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7 May 2018
The smart card, which has no analogues, was developed by the Russian ISBC
A contactless smart card combining RFID chips of the I-Code, MIFARE, EM-Marine standards has been developed  by ISBC Group. The novelty integrates identification systems of different frequencies (HF, LF)

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27 April 2018
ESMART Token GOST ensures the security of the Civil Registry Office of Russia
The ISBC Group of Companies, together with ELVIS-PLUS, took part in the creation of "The Unified State Register of Civil Status Records" (USR CSR) for the Federal Tax Service of Russia.

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24 April 2018
Auto-ACS ESMART® provides security for urban yards and cottage settlements
Auto-ACS ESMART® protected access system is produced in the Russian city of Zelenograd. It ensures the security of urban households and enterprises, country houses and cottage settlements.

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17 April 2018
CIPF ESMART® Token GOST has received the certificate of compatibility with operating systems ALT
Smart cards and USB tokens ESMART® Token GOST, as well as ESMART® Token, confirmed compliance with with the OS ALT. ESMART® Token GOST is unique for the Russian market, as it is based on the domestic chip. 

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