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Services provided by ISBC Telecom include:

- bulk SMS as ads for your own subscriber lists;
- informational and service SMS notifications;
- receiving and authomatized trigger-based system to forward or reply incoming SMS;
- SMS advertisements;
- developing modules for SMS sending/receiving for CMSes, CRMs or other software;
- SMS to Email and SMS via Email (SMTP).

All the services are provided by means of our proprietary multifunctional telecommunication platform QUICKTEL®. This platform provides both fully functional user-friendly Web Interface and protocol support (HTTP, SMTP, SMPP, SOAP, XML).

Besides, the platform can be leased as a WhiteLabel solution for customers that require high volumes of SMS or enhanced confidentiality.

Top Quality of services by ISBC Telecom

All the services provided by QUICKTEL® platform ensure greatest reliability. We achieve this by employing highly qualified software developers, chosing time proved Oracle technologies, and most notably by establishing direct connection to gateways of cellular operators in Russia and to major SMS aggregators.

Our compaly has all the required licences and certificates that only a few SMS aggregators on the market can offer.

All these factors ensure that SMS and mobile VAS services provided by ISBC Telecom are among the best available on the market. Our customers get comprehensive reports on sent and processed traffic, including all the financial statements.

Technical support

Technical support of ISBC Telecom is available 24х7, so it does not matter what type of services you are using, you can apply for help or request information at any time.
Beside general contact information, that you can find on our website, customers of ISBC Telecom can contact technical support by service phone numbers, email or ticket system in user account.

Prices for ISBC Telecom customers

We can not offer the lowest prices on the market. And certainly can not offer dumping prices lower than minimal price caps stipulated by cellular operators. High quality and versatile SMS services provided by ISBC Telecom (and also optional services, such as customized modifications of QUICKTEL® platform according to customers' requests) can not be cheap.

However we are eager to discuss and tailor our price policies on SMS or mobile services to make our cooperation more fruitful and advantageous for both sides.

Customized modifications

We always do our best to meet even the most specific needs and integrate proprietary systems of system integrators or significant customers by amending software.
Our team of software developers have high expertise in Oracle, Java, SQL, C++ and other areas, thus we can create telecommunication solutions for SMS services that can satisfy even the most complex requirements.

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