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Dear Customers,

We are proud to tell you about our new service — bulk MMS service.
The service is available in your account of ISBC Telecom WEB interface.

Peculiarities of bulk MMS:

- message size: up to 300KB;
- a picture can be included;
- sound can be included;
- up to 800 cyrilic or latin characters;
- sender name is filled in automatically as a cellular phone number;
- you can provide an additional sender name in the field «Topic» with cyrillic or latin characters, note that you can use up to 50 characters;
- send MMS are shown in all reports in WEB interface of ISBC Telecom;
- MMS can be sent to any one of Russian cellular operators.

As you can see from the description, its obvious advantage is that a lot more characters can be included into only one MMS than even in several SMS. So if you have to send some large text it may ought to consider sending it as 1 MMS instead of say 3 or even more SMS. It is likely be both more convenient for your subscribers and at a lower price for you.

Images or photos, attached to MMS, can be inappreciably more useful for your advertisement campaigns than simple SMS. Or you can include some important visual aids into your service messages.

Don't forget that with ISBC Telecom can store your MMS templates to optimize your efforts. Full reports are available to monitor your advertising campaigns.

Bulk MMS prices

Prices for 1 MMS start at 1,5 rub., that is comparable to 1 SMS to major Russian cellular operators, however MMS often prove to be more advantageous.

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