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Dear Customers,

We are proud to introduce a new service — bulk WhatsApp massages to your own subscribers.

WhatsApp is a new alternative to SMS as means of informing your customers. It's more advantageous both in price and a number of other parameters:

- almost instant delivery;
- the message appears on the display straight on delivery;
- you can add images;
- you pay only for delivered messages.

Prices for WhatsApp:

 0,60 rub/message.

  WhatsApp considerations:

- you provide us with a list of your subscribers;

- sender name is substituted by a service name made of digits, please make sure that you add all the necessary contact information in the message itself, e.g. website, phone numbers and so on;

- WhatsApp mailout is fulfilled by managers of ISBC Telecom;

- you must schedule WhatsApp sending with managers of ISBC Telecom at least 2 hour before desirable time;

- WhatsApp requires that your subscriber list is not less that 500 phone numbers, otherwise the whole session will fail. So we suggest planning bulk WhatsApp for a list of at least 1500 numbers (the application is likely to be installed only for about 30-50 % of your SMS subscribers);

- WhatsApp message can be delivered not if the subscriber os not in 3G network, however it will be delivered later, when the subscriber enters the 3G zone again;

Feel free to contact our sales department on details of bulk WhatsApp messages!

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