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NFC - Near Field Communication

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NFC (Near Field Communication) – set of protocols for contactless high frequency proximity radio communication.
The technology is used to exchange data between 2 devices situated not farther than 10 cms from each other. Therefore NFC enable gadgets can be used
to pay for purchases and services (e.g. transport tickets) just by touching the payment terminal, or you can get a link to product description on the web side just by touching the corresponding price tags and so on.

Major advantages of NFC technology — quickest means of paying for goods o services, it is convenient and secure.
Using NFC can dramatically reduce time to service customers:
  • at stores,
  • at coffee houses,
  • at fuel statuons,
  • in public transport,
  • at parking lots,
  • at cultural or sport events, i.e. in venues where a large number of people need to be serviced quickly (with instant transaction validation) and spent sums are relatively small not to be PIN protected.
Besides, NFC can be seamlessly integrated into corporate Time&Attendance (T&A) systems, used in advertizing campaigns («smart posters») and with most new innovative services, such as residential electronic key.
Lets take a closer look at NFC enabled «Smart Posters». They provide new attractive options for interactive marketing that can take into account current location of the customer. Just by scanning an NFC tag potential customers can easely get additional information regarding some products, special offers, obtain a discount coupon, subscruibe to a service, take part in a voting etc.

We witness a drastic increase in the number of locations that are equipped with NFC-enabled POS terminals — 71 % that amounts to 21.4 million devices in 2014 according to  Berg Insight, estimations for 2019 forecast 75 million devices. Thus the figures suggest an average annual increase by 28,4 %. According to J'son & Partners Consulting, the number of POS-terminals with NFC module in Russia in 2013 totalled at 25 000, but it doubled already in 2014.

NFC is available in most modern smartphones by
Nokia, Sumsung, Sony, HTC, LG, Qumo,Alcatel, Philips. Apple Inc. is not going to support NFC for they adhere to their proprietory mobile payment system called Passbook. However, ABI analitics strongly believe that Apple will face with the issue of NFC compatibility шт the nearest future.

ISBC Telecom – the developer of the first Russian multiservice telecommunication platform QUICKTEL®, that provides remote access and dynamic content on the NFC tags*. 

In September 2015 года ISBC Group launched mobile version of QUICKTEL® platform on Android.
The application is available on Google Play and a direct link to .apk is also provided on this page. Web Interface for the paltform is expected at the beginning of 2016.

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