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Our offers for retailers

To boost your sales of goods or services we offer bulk SMS for retailers and internet stores. The SMS service is based on QUICKTEL® platform.

You can in a blink of an eye tell your customers about:

  • discounts, advertising campaigns and gifts;
  • new items or new types of goods;
  • new retail or service centers;
  • purchase order status notifications (order created, payment/prepayment received, ready to be shipped)
    or to specify time of delivery etc;

Your customers will get all the necessary information directly from the seller, that can simplify and bring forward the purchase. 

We can offer also incoming SMS from your customers, for example: 

  • Inform-upon-arrival requests – when customers send an SMS to confirm that he needs to be informed when the selected goods will be available on stock again;
  • Customer sends an SMS to your incoming number and get an instant autoreply about your special offers and actions;
  • Call back on request : if a customer calls not in business hours, the answering machine suggets that the customer sends an SMS request and the operator call him back.
    This function can be enhanced by putting the call into the list automatically.
  • The customers can send questions or requests to supervisers or managers. 

Online stores can benefit from the following SMS services:

  • send customers their account details (login / password),
  • inform customers about order, payment and delivery status.

Platform QUICKTEL® is a quick and reliable tool to inform and get information from your customers that can increase loyalty level and boost sales.


Your customer may like!
  • Addressing by name;
  • Name of your company as the SMS sender name;
  • The customer can promptly get in touch with you by means of a phone call or reply by an SMS;
  • Download and save your discount coupon for your goods or services in his or her phone;
  • Click a link in a message to open your website in mobile browser, put the item into online shopping cart and check it out;
  • Schedule a visit to you shop beforehand, as they already know about your action and are interrested.

It is convenient and beneficial for you!
  • Use simple and intiutive WEB interface;
  • Group your customers by a number of charasteristics(sex, age, preferences);
  • Prepare personalized messages for fragmented  intended audience;
  • Keep up customer loyalty at a high level;
  • Estimate impact of your campaign by analyzing a number of incoming SMS replies or sales growth.

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