About company


  • To move forward the scientific and technological progress in the field of identification and to anticipate the needs of customers, thereby improving the efficiency of people and machines.
  • Be a reliable manufacturer and supplier of smart-card, RFID-identificators for our partners around the world and in all sectors of the economy.
  • Develop and launch in mass production new personalized products based on smart card technology and RFID, which are a unique identifier.

Vision of the ISBC future

  • ISBC Group is a world leader and expert in the production of personalized unique identifier and equipment for it.
  • Automated services allow ISBC partners to manage orders independently throughout the life cycle.
  • ISBC offices are open in Europe, Asia, the USA, Central America and Africa, and localized production allows clients to deliver products as soon as possible.

Our production

ISBC Research and Design center

The ISBC Group has its own Research and Design center focused on RFID (mostly HF and UHF solutions with NXP tags) and software development for the smart card industry. The main aim of this center is to providethe knowledge and support that Russian integrators need for thesuccessful implementation of RFID and smart card based solutions.

The showroom includes severalsolutions based on RFID and smart card technologies for present and future applications:

  • Logistics and vehicle identification (for cars, tracks and railway wagons)
  • Physical access management
  • Inventory management for warehouses and retailers
  • RFID solutions for libraries
  • NFC services for retailers (anti-counterfeit, smart posters, vouchers)
  • Livestock ID management
ISBC distribution business

In addition to our own production, we work with a wide network of leading international companies.

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