Breeding records

Results of breeding record automation by means of integrating RFID tags into Selecs.Dairy
"After tagging we managed to increase frequency of control milking as the process of data entry into Selecs became much faster. Also we get detailed statistics that also improves our results. We appreciate great assistance of ISBC staff who helped a lot in setting the system and teaching personnel, so we started actively using upgraded system in the shortest terms possible. I'd like to emphasize one more thing, price of a kit that consists of an year tag and a visually marked tag is considerably lower than that of the collars."
Breeding and zootechnics records automation with RFID and Selecs.Deer
"Our herd of deer is above 2 thousand animals, so tagging was done gradually. Since the last year we have been analyzing data for all cattle. All processes became easier, especially reports on seasonal grouping. For the next season we want to purchase gates for automated head count. Everything will be even easier. We are really looking forward to it."
Breeding and zootechnics records automation with RFID and Selecs.Sheep
"Precision is the utmost goal in our industry, that is why we were the first in the region to work with Selecs.Sheep. We started to tag 2 years ago with the young cattle, now each animal is tagged with a bolus and an ear tag. Ear tags are not RFID enabled, they just have some printed data. Definitely, it become easier for everyone, both zootechnicians and vets. They spend less time on the program as there no more need for additional manual data verification."
Breeding and zootechnics records automation with RFID and Selecs.Meat Cattle
"We are using boluses. Initially we were afraid that there might be any problems during tagging, but everything was flawless. As a result, entering data into Selecs became so easy that we freed time and resources for more frequent control weighing of young cattle. Consequently, we can monitor changes more thoroughly and react on unwanted events really promptly. So, when we used paper records, we had to spend much time for data verification which became totally unnecessary. All zootechnicians and vets are satisfied, they got used to the program and new efficient processes very quickly."
Breeding records automation with RFID and PlemRF Software by NPO "Oblachnye informatsionnye systemy" LTD
PlemRF Software by NPO "Oblachnye informatsionnye systemy" LTD — is the optimal solution for keeping records in small farms. If you plan to use this system, RFID can enhance it's advantages greatly.
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