Farm automation

Solutions for dairy hall identification systems
To identify cattle in the dairy hall one can use RFID tags in form of ear tag. The tag corresponds to ISO and ICAR standards. Unique ID of the ear tag can be read not only by the equipment that is installed in the hall DeLaval but also by mobile hand scanners. Thus the tag ID can be used in all other industrial processes, e.g. for systems as Selecs.Dairy, Selecs.Meat Cattle, BARS (Veterinary and Livestock modules), Plem RF, DairyComp 305 and others.
Counting solutions
Counting sheep after pasture is a time consuming and routine operation that requires precision. It can easily be automated. Before leaving for pasture and on return sheep come in a row nearby the scanner that reads their unique IDs. At the end the responsible staff gets the report with all data of missing animals if there are any. This is the procedure that is offered by automated counting solution by ISBC.
Cattle weighing solutions
With ISBC systems the process of weighing of cattle becomes so easy and takes so little time, that weighing can be done as often as required. Depending the desirable weighing frequency, there are 5 sets available — from minimalistic "Economic" to "All inclusive" with complete automation of the process. Each set is based on RFID technologies.
Livestock sorting technologies
If you face a regular challenge of sorting your animals into groups upon different attributes, automated sorting stations by ISBC can considerably speed up this process and make it so easy that it can be done by one staff member and in a shortest time possible.
Automated nourishing solutions
Automated feeding system by BioControl CRFI is made for farms that require thorough control of consumed food. The system is flexible and can be extended by modules of weight control and water consuming control. CRFI modules can be set up either for gate access or for feeding assessment.
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