Payment key fob AIRTAG® Pay for banking

RFID-keyfob AIRTAG® Pay for contactless payments corresponds to EMVCo standards and requirements of payment service providers. Appraise a new ID for banking – small (24,6х51 mm), durable keyfob that is always at hand therefore increasing both the quantity and the volume of cashless transactions.

  • Integrates all types of access, contactless payments and digital services in megalopolis

  • Equipped with EMV payment chips

  • High resistance to scratches, will not scratched or break

  • Certified by RoHS for compliance with European Directive on restriction of harmful substances

  • Compact (1/3 of a bank card) convenient form

  • Application of variable data under a protective coating, electronic personalization

  • Certified by MasterCard, complies with EMVCo standards

 AIRTAG® Pay - innovation for upcoming bank ecosystems!
  • The customer interacts with your services dozens times per day

  • Freedom from cash, transition to cashless transactions

  • Additional services for all occasions

  • Secure and durable AIRTAG® Pay of your bank is always in your pocket

The universal RFID key fob, developed by ISBC, is used always and everywhere. AIRTAG® Pay unlike a conventional smart card, opens entrance doors, serves as a pass to the office, as a transport card, integrated financial and non-financial applications.

Results of AIRTAG® Pay application for the Bank:

  • Lower encashment costs

  • More customers

  • Fewer customers require services of office staff

  • Higher financial metrics

We are trusted by more than 22 countries of the world.

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