ISBC® for Access Control systems
Replaces the standard office pass in the form of plastic smart card and has many functions : payments transport and bonus cards, key for electronic locks.
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ISBC® is the key to the Smart City
Provides integration of Access Control System with modern digital environment of the Smart City.
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Made in Russia

Common access to a variety of capabilities, services and functions is realized through a single standard of identification at a frequency 13,56 MHz.

Wear – resistant compact key fob;

Can be carried in a pocket, with keys;

Personal design;

Any frequency bands (Mifare, EM-Marine) and their combinations;

Compatible with popular ACS systems;


Protection against copying by air, cloning and breaking the key fob

Compatible with access control systems and intercoms
ISBC® supports all ACS readers and intercoms of frequency bands HF (MIFARE) and LF (EM-Marine). The convenient and compact RFID key fob ISBC® HF+LF allows you to open EM-Marine and MIFARE electronic locks. This feature is perfect for business centers, hotels, resorts and large housing complexes.
Choosing the best residential complexes and business centers
Many business centers and management companies in Moscow, Russian cities and CIS, order multifunctional key fobs in ISBC, combining a pass or key from entrance door with transport card.
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Protection against wireless sniffering prevents card cloning or tampering
ISBC® offers cryptographic protection based on ESMART® Access technology for the security of your office:
  • AES-128 encryption of data exchange between the Reader and the ID
  • Diversified encryption keys
  • CMAC signature of ID
  • Protection from replay attacks
All access control cards (office pass, school or social card) can be combined with transport cards, for example, with "Troika", and used to enter the business center and travel by public transport.
We are trusted by more than 60 regions of Russia and 22 countries of the world
Our customers are the largest enterprises and organizations. ISBC® and contactless ISBC IDs are used in 300 cities of the Russian Federation.

ISBC® key features:

Physical Specifications
WхLхT 24,66 mm х 51 mm х 3,8 mm
Weight 4,8 gr
LF EM-Marine
HF + LF MIFARE® + EM-Marine
Reading distance 2-5 cm, depending on RFID-tag type
Materials Composite material with antibacterial coating
Customization Full-color printing with a resolution 2238x2238 dpi
Personalization Graphic personalization under protective coating, IC personalization

Сustomer reviews

We commend you for the issue of new electronic carrier for travel cards "Podorozhnik" in the form of key fobs ISBC.® They showed sustainability on the reading /writing devices, in the ticket payment control system in St. Petersburg. Confirmed the convenience for passengers.

Prokofieva L.V.

Deputy Director of SPb GKU "Transport supplier"

We express our gratitude for the successful and precise work in the project "ONAI", which is one of the significant national projects. Users like the key fob, it does not collapse, it hangs on a bunch of keys. The product is accepted by the city: the total number of active ISBC® – is more than 80% of the released.

Smirnov V.A.

Deputy Director, Transport holding company, Almaty

ISBC® successfully implemented in the project "EKARTA", Ekaterinburg. It is wear-resistant, % failure during the period of use, is close to zero. Readability on the classic banking and transport validators is stable.

Vedernikov P.Y.

General director "I Network"

We express our gratitude for the help in the implementation on the RFID key fobs ISBC, of the co-brand of the project "Electronic Contactless Transport Card "Troika", combined with the loyalty program card by RIGLA brand.

Burdina N.V.

Director of Marketing, LLC Rigla

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