Loyalty programs

Club membership cards
Cards, wristbands or key fobs can be used to get access to additional services or discounts for club members. Such identifier can contain any personal data of a member, it can be personalized. Membership cards can be integrated in club's loyalty information system by various protocols and standards.
Discount and point cumulation cards
Discount cards or key fobs for loyalty program members help to widen the target audience, keep loyal customers and collect statistics of customer preferences. Any card identification means can be used in such programs, e.g. any type of barcode, magnetic stripe, contactless chip).
Cards with e-Wallet can be used as both unique ID and payment means to be used without banking acquiring. Such cards are most widely used in the spheres where a single multifunctional card is intended for customer's convenience: at resorts, spa centers, at events, at amusement parks (rollercoasters, adventure parks, trampolines, quest-rooms etc). This type of cards has a very high level of security to prevent forgery.
Multifunctional cards
Multifunctional cards combine all the cards that are used in the city, such as transport ticket, loyalty cards, access cards to office center of fitness club etc in one convenient carrier. Such a card can be very convenient for work, commuting and shopping.
Sport fan card
Sport fan card can combine the following functions: e-ticket to matches, loyalty club advantages, special offers and discounts. Fan card can be in the form of a common smart card, key fob or wristband.
Fuel card
Fuel card or key fob helps to decrease service periods at fuel stations, provide special discounts for fuel. The other advantage is detailed fuel reports for accounting departments in companies.
Corporate canteens with smart cards
Smart cards can be used for contactless payments in corporate and factory canteens for the employees. The enterprise gets a flexible tool for employees food compensation programs and profound analytical data.