Vehicle access control

RFID для весовых комплексов
Truck weighing stations

At present truck weight control stations are widely used. There are plenty of industries where such weighing stations are compulsory. Among such organizations are the following:

  • Grain elevators, vegetable warehouses, granaries
  • Construction supply materials: cement mortar, concrete products, paving items.
  • Agricultural enterprises, farms.
  • Mining industry enterprises.
  • Household waste utilization plants.
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RFID для коттеджных поселков
Automated access control №2 for gated estates

The system is intended to automate vehicle access control for gated estated and other communities. This modification comprises the kit with maximum options with a set of antennae made in German. Devices are intended for outdoor installation, options allow for continual exploitation and can withstand higher load during evening and morning hours.

The system works in non-stop mode for 24 hours 7 days per week at any season. Equipment is weatherproof and water-resistant.

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RFID для автосалонов и автоломбардов
RFID for car dealer showrooms and auto lombards

For showrooms and lombards RFID is useful in setting vehicle access control and tracking with overwhelming statistics. Loyalty programs with RFID are very promising as well. Speed up and make vehicle asset tracking easier with RFID-based technologies.

RFID для индивидуальных коттеджей
ESMART — Car access control set №2 for private houses

RFID system for opening hinged or slide gates for private houses.

The set differs from maximum variant in only one component : included antennae are manufactured in Russia.

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RFID контроль колес грузовиков и автобусов
RFID for wheel and tyre management

RFID tags are successfully engaged in wheel and tyre management for trucks and buses. Vehicle pool of any size and structure can be protected by RFID tags from theft and illegal substitution of wheels or tires by maintenance staff and drivers.

RFID для автоматизации заезда на территорию поселка с таунхаусами
Automated access control №1 for gated estates

The system provides vehicle access control for communities with private houses and restricted access.

It's main difference from the maximal kit are smaller dimensions and lack of heating elements.

The kit comprises antennae made in Germany. The system is extremely reliable as well, is waterproof and weather resistant. The system can handle high load in evening and morning hours.

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Checkpoint automation (long range contactless access control)

Long range access control for checkpoints helps to increase security level of the territory. Besides, it's convenient for security staff. Vehicles are also tracked, the system provides thorough statistics on tagged vehicles.

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RFID для автоматизации КПП поселка или частного дома
ESMART — Car access control set №1 for private houses

The system is intended to automate entry checkpoint for common private houses or gated communities at a very low cost. The solution is perfect for hinged or rolling gates of general houses. It's main difference from other variants are the following: smaller size, lack of heating elements and antennae manufactured in Russia.

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RFID для специальных автомобилей
Green wave and momentary access for specialized service vehicles

Long range RFID access systems with AES128 cryprographic protection allows to automate such an important task of unimpeded access for specialized cars. For example, a system can be install at hospital gates and set up for quick entry of emergency cars.

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