Laundries, tracking and record keeping

RFID для прачечных
Laundries, tracking and record keeping

RFID tags in laundries successfully boosts efficiency of book keeping and various control processes.

Application areas:

  • hotels,
  • cafes and restaurants,
  • hospitals
  • Special attention to such technologies should be paid in laundries that service large enterprises and if workware tracking is important.
RFID и антикражка полотенец
Fitness and towel tracking, anti-theft

Each fitness club member should return towels and bathing robe after training. However,usually clubs suffer losses, up to 150 towels for large sport clubs. Organizations either suffer a decrease in profit or have to stop providing such services for free thus losing some clients. Specialized washable RFID tags are efficient in business processes on book keeping and anti-theft systems.