12 September 2018
AIRTAG® Pay will ensure success in the fight for the Client

According to the Banking Technology Magazine RFID key fob AIRTAG® Pay became a new achievement in the field of contactless payments. The use of tactile sensations increases the frequency of transactions.

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5 September 2018
A universal RFID identifier for Smart City services is developed by ISBC
The ISBC Group of Companies has launched a new RFID key fob AIRTAG® HF+LF at the plant in Zelenograd. The 1/3 smart card compact RFID-ID combines chips for use in all Smart city services, intercoms and access control systems (ACS). 

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10 August 2018
Rapid RFID-identification of vehicles at the weighting station
For truck weighting systems it is optimal to use ISBC solutions based on RFID-identification . Technology allows you to accurately identify the vehicle on a weighting station, while the human factor is completely excluded.

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31 July 2018
ISBC Anti-Theft RFID system will prevent thefts in fitness and retail
Created a new domestic anti-theft RFID-system ISBC Anti-Theft. Novelty will prevent thefts in retail and fitness centers, while the cost of Russian equipment is more than 2 times lower than foreign counterparts.

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12 July 2018
The automated payment system for the Bishkek-Osh highway is built on ISBC RFID equipment
The testing phase of the payment system at the Bishkek-Osh road was launched in the Kyrgyz Republic . The consortium "KBM-Akfort-Delta Profi" built a solution on the ISBC RFID Technologies.

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9 July 2018
ISBC provides readers for the digitization of Russian health insurance
New plastic identifiers in the form of smart cards with Russian chips are more convenient than paper documents. ISBC has already delivered more than 2 000 readers of modern policies to 9 leading insurance companies in Russia.

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