17 April 2020
Secure UHF Access Control Deployed in Moscow
With an implementation from ISBC and FEIG Electronic, a parking authority at the Moscow International Business Center can provide automated access control with a long read range, thereby enabling fast entry, without the risk of hacking due to untraceable technology.

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27 March 2020
ISBC launched the production of UHF RFID tags
Zelenograd scientists under the leadership of Andrey Krasovsky, Ph.D, designed a line of unique RFID tags under the ISBC brand. Innovative methods of mathematical modeling were used in the development of ISBC® Tags Reflect42.
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3 March 2020
ISBC presented innovative solutions for transport
ISBC Group participated in the 5th annual forum "Innovative payment solutions for transport". The leading Russian manufacturer of contactless cards presented new products and innovative solutions. 

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6 February 2020
ISBC innovations for Social cards of the Moscow region
ISBC Group has produced personalized social cards for residents of the Moscow region at its own plant in Zelenograd. The new contactless RFID IDs are equipped with built-in LEDs that indicate the card's operability.
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23 January 2020
A new look at finance from SBI Bank and ISBC
SBI Bank has created the "Svoi Krug" system for managing family finances. Compact NFC  keyfobs ISBC® provide contactless payments for SBI Bank customers. Due to the use of ISBC keyfobs, "Svoy Krug" compares favorably with traditional payment products.

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23 December 2019
ISBC RFID solutions for personal protective equipment
ISBC RFID solutions ensure compliance with the requirements for the use of personal protective equipment in the workplace. Risks of violations are minimized, employer can monitor whether an employee wore PPE before entering a hazardous facility. 

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12 November 2019
ESMART® CryptoModule protects IoT and M2M

ISBC Group has developed a universal security module ESMART® CryptoModule for IoT and M2M. It allows you to build secure solutions in the field of transport, retail, housing and communal services, industrial control systems and Industry 4.0.

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31 October 2019
ISBC®️ announces rebranding of AIRTAG®️ due an international deal
ISBC Group have decided to bet on enhancing development of products under a single namesake trademark ISBC®. This rebranding decision is very much conditioned by international deal on assignment of the trademark AIRTAG®.
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