5 Russian Technologies of Internet of Things from ISBC

7 February 2018
5 Russian Technologies of Internet of Things from ISBC

According to the research company IDTechEx, the volume of the international market of solutions based on radio frequency identification technology, RFID, is estimated at a rate of $11.2 billion at the end of 2017. By 2022 it is predicted to reach $14.9 billion.

RFID technologies that provide identification of any object in the radio frequency range, allow you to connect the reality and the world of digital technologies. Any object, thing, animal gets its unique digital image and becomes a part of the Internet of Things.

ISBC, the leading Russian manufacturer of smart cards and RFID identifiers, develops and creates new solutions based on RFID technologies. Today we have already worked out and prepared for practical application 5 domestic technologies of Internet of Things for increasing the efficiency of various business sectors.

1.    RFID inventory of commodities

Inventory of commodity and material assets, standing on the balance of the organization, is quite an important task. In this case, the use of RFID readers and RFID tags is effective in terms of minimization of time costs, as well as elimination of the human factor.

ISBC-RFID solves this problem with the use of a hardware-software complex built on the basis of radio frequency technologies. Automated or manual readers allow you to quickly identify each accounting unit, correlate with the database and identify inconsistencies with minimal effort.

2.    Radio frequency identification in laundries

RFID-identification in laundries and textile industries repeatedly ensures the optimization of work processes. Studies show that after the introduction of RFID, the efficiency increase exceeds 20%.

Special radio frequency tags, waterproof, resistant to high temperatures, combining rigidity and flexibility are used in laundries. It is noted that due to the use of radio frequency identification of products, the speed of acceptance processes in washing, sorting, automatic invoicing significantly increases, and the labor costs of searching for missing items and materials are reduced.

 3.    Smart Warehouse

Tracking the movement of objects through shops or warehouses is quite an urgent task. To monitor the movement of objects across the territory, we recommend the use of ultra-high-frequency UHF-tags. To monitor the movement, you can apply either a single label or a group of labels. At the same time, another approach is possible, when a group of products can be identified by a single label.

Advantages of using RFID technologies in warehouses:

  • organization of effective accounting of inventory;

  • control over the movement of products through the warehouse;

  • significant reduction in staff errors when completing orders;

  • prevention of theft;

  •  reduction of personnel and other costs for warehouse maintenance.

ISBC RFID equipment has ample opportunities for placement, both secretly and openly: in the arch, in the aisle, in the gate, under the false ceiling or under the raised floor. Such solutions allow instant identification and accounting of hundreds of goods on one pallet or in other packaging, without opening boxes, time costs and errors.

4.    Marking of fur products on RFID

ISBC GC facilities are successfully used all over the world, helping to optimize business processes of many enterprises. It is included in the list of solutions recommended by the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation and the Association of Retail Companies.

Retail networks offer RFID systems that are suitable for identification of fur coats and fur products, and can also be used to organize complex logistics processes where monitoring and accurate tracking are important at all stages of the movement of goods.

5.    Jewelry production: radio frequency accounting and control

The tasks of accurate accounting of jewelry products are very effectively solved with the help of radio frequency identification technology. RFID-identification technology allows you to accurately and quickly carry out the receipt and shipment of goods, accelerate the process of inventorying products both in the warehouse and in the trading hall, as well as significantly reduce the time and labor costs in the inventory.

ISBC radio frequency identification technologies are a real step towards integrating the Internet of Things into the current business processes. They radically differ from "smart teapots" with high efficiency, practical orientation and are introduced today.

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