A new look at finance from SBI Bank and ISBC

23 January 2020
A new look at finance from SBI Bank and ISBC

SBI Bank, a part of Japanese SBI Holdings, has created the "Svoi Krug" system for managing family finances. It consists of an adult and a child’s mobile apps, a debit and credit cards, and NFC keyfobs ISBC® for payments integrated with a School ID. NFC keyfob ISBC® protected against telephone frauds due to the lack of a CVC code. Due to the use of  ISBC keyfobs, "Svoy Krug" compares favorably with traditional payment products of other banks.

With "Svoi Krug" SBI Bank customers easily control the family budget. Convenient mobile application allows you to set up purchase limits, analyze the expenses of the whole family and each person separately. Svoi Krug customers use the family loyalty program. The more joint spending, the greater the savings.

SBI Bank plans to develop a credit and savings line of products in 2020 that will best meet the basic needs of most Russian families.

"Svoi Krug" with NFC keyfob ISBC® makes life easier!

More about NFC keyfob ISBC®

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