A universal RFID identifier for Smart City services is developed by ISBC

5 September 2018
A universal RFID identifier for Smart City services is developed by ISBC

The ISBC Group of Companies has launched a new RFID key fob AIRTAG® HF+LF at the plant in Zelenograd. The 1/3 smart card compact RFID-ID combines chips for use in all Smart city services, intercoms and access control systems (ACS). The product is designed for business centers, hotels, resorts, housing complexes and large objects, where identification systems of standards HF (13.56 MHz) and LF (125 kHz) are operated.

Radio frequency identification (RFID) is the most common Internet of things technology today, cost-effective and efficient. A resident of the metropolis interacts with almost all services of the Smart city through contactless identification. RFID key fobs and smart cards are used in transport projects, for contactless payments, as passes, ski passes, in modern intercoms and in retail loyalty systems. But the integration of all capabilities requires the use of a single frequency range.

New AIRTAG® HF+LF, equipped with chips LF - EM-Marine, HF - MIFARE, I-Code, NTAG (1 of them), combines the most common identification standards  AIRTAG®  used in 60 regions of Russia and are 22 countries of the world.

"In recent years, the HF identification standard has become the most popular. But many facilities are partially equipped with LF frequency systems. For access integration, we have developed and manufactured the combined AIRTAG HF+LF in Zelenograd. Now a guest of the hotel or resort does not need a pack of smart cards, our RFID key fob AIRTAG® HF+LF , durable and waterproof, becomes the key to all services," said Alexander Yakichev, Director of the Department of Smart Cards and Equipment of ISBC
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