AIRTAG® RFID key fobs for the Russian Retail Week 2019

7 May 2019
AIRTAG® RFID key fobs for the Russian Retail Week 2019

ISBC has released a special batch of AIRTAG® key fobs with the functionality of the Troika transport card for the Russian Retail Week 2019. Guests of the International Forum will receive branded souvenirs. Having replenished the account, everyone will be able to pay the fare in Moscow transport and use other services of Troika.

AIRTAG® is an RFID tag at 13.56 MHz that does not require a power source. It works in the passive mode, and contains a chip with an antenna. Unlike traditional plastic cards AIRTAG is very compact (24,6x51 mm). Russian RFID key fob is covered with durable and wear-resistant composite material, specially developed by ISBC

"ISBC Group is a manufacturer and supplier of RFID equipment. Our solutions protect against counterfeiting and the human factor, accelerate the inventory in 25 times and prevent theft. The main results of the implementation in retail are the reduction of losses up to 50% and profit growth up to 15%," said Dmitry Kornienko, ISBC Group’s CMO.

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