Auto-ACS ESMART® provides security for urban yards and cottage settlements

24 April 2018
Auto-ACS ESMART® provides security for urban yards and cottage settlements

ISBC develops security solutions based on radio frequency identification systems. Auto-ACS ESMART® protected access system is produced in the Russian city of Zelenograd. It ensures the security of urban households and enterprises, country houses and cottage settlements.

 Thanks to Auto-ACS, you will not need to leave the car and apply a pass to the scanner, and safety and efficiency will be provided in any climatic conditions. The system automatically lifts the barrier or opens the gate in front of the car. Access to the territory becomes very convenient and simple, the system reacts instantly. The ESMART® Access platform is the winner of the contest "Best Innovative Product" in the nomination of ACS, held at Securika Moscow 2018.

 "For Auto-ACS ESMART®, each vehicle is equipped with a specialized radio frequency tag containing an electronic chip with a unique number. This is a sticker on the car's windshield or a smart card, identified from a distance of up to 15 meters. They are password protected and can be supplemented with AES-128 bit encryption, which allows for a high level of object security, including interception of the code and cloning. When a tag is detected, Auto-ACS ESMART® checks the access rights, raises the barrier or opens the gate. The system is excellent for automating passage to the territory of parking lots, businesses, urban yards, cottage settlements", said Andrey Krasovsky, Director of the ISBC Radio Frequency Identification Department.

 Advantages of Auto-ACS ESMART®:

  • Provides full automation of car access.

  • Ability to connect to the majority of access controllers via Wiegand protocol.

  • Web-based administrator interface for setting and configuring the system.

  • Climatic version with built-in heater for winter conditions.

  • Ability to test "own-alien" when using conventional UHF tags EPC Class1 Gen2 or tags with AES 128-bit cryptographic protection - NXP UCODE DNA.

  • You do not need to leave the car and apply a pass to the scanner - it happens remotely, when the car is still approaching.

  • The RFID reader can work with two ports of the ACS controller, that is, the system can determine the direction of travel: "Entry" or "Departure".

  • Fine-tuning the operating mode of the relay, which provides a signal for the opening of the barrier or gate, allows you to control at the same time up to 4 barriers.

  • You can work autonomously, without connecting to the ACS or a computer.


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