CIPF ESMART® Token GOST has received the certificate of compatibility with operating systems ALT

17 April 2018
CIPF ESMART® Token GOST has received the certificate of compatibility with operating systems ALT

Russian smart cards and USB tokens ESMART® Token GOST, as well as ESMART® Token, are tested for compatibility with the OS ALT. As a result of the tests, the products of the Zelenograd producer, the ISBC Group of Companies, confirmed compliance with all requirements. The certificate FSTEC for operating systems ALT, the FSB certificate for CIPF ESMART® Token GOST and FSTEC certificate for key carrier ESMART® Token, allow you to create software and hardware solutions for government and corporate clients with guaranteed security.

ESMART® Token GOST are CIPF with hardware support for cryptographic algorithms that meet the requirements of Russian Federal Security Service to the encryption (cryptographic) means of class CM1/CM2/CM3, requirements to the means of electronic signature, approved by Order №796 of the FSB and can be used for cryptographic protection of information, not containing information constituting a state secret. Smart cards and tokens are designed for authentication and storage of qualified ES, protection of information from unauthorized access and other solutions in the field of information security. Development and production in Russia guarantee the absence of hardware "bookmarks".

ESMART® Token GOST is unique for the Russian market, as it is based on the domestic chip . According to the comparative analysis of, ESMART Token GOST is the only certified CIPF based on the domestic chip.

"The use of Russian products in the field of information security multiplies the security of IT systems of state structures, enterprises and organizations. ESMART® Token GOST is one of the few IS products, fully developed and serially produced in Russia. Passage of certification for compatibility with domestic operating systems Alt has become a new stage in the fight against cybercrime. A high class of certification SM3 allows you to protect yourself from an internal infringer (company employees, contractors), which recently has become one of the most urgent security threats. Hardware and software systems based on the solutions of ISBC and open source software Basalt provide guaranteed protection from unauthorized access," said Sergey Panov, General Director of LLC AT Bureau within the group of companies ISBC.

About Basalt OSS

Basalt OSS is the developer of a software platform for creating ready-made solutions and IT infrastructure of any scale. Distributions for workstations and servers, which are implemented by the partners of the company at enterprises and in the state, are produced on the basis of the software platform developed by Basalt OSS. Basic distributions are included in the Unified Register of Russian Programs for Electronic Computers and Databases.

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