Comparative analysis of mobile access control systems

21 December 2018
Comparative analysis of mobile access control systems

Comparative analysis of access control systems with smartphone identification published on SecurityRussia experts compared the products of 10 leading brands, including ESMART.

As noted in the blog, smartphones have replaced a variety of devices. Traditional access control systems are becoming obsolete. Mobile phone will be widely used as ID. tells not only about readers and access control equipment that supports identification by smartphone. Experts analyzed the process of issuing virtual identifiers to mobile devices. As it turned out, not all manufacturers take into account safety requirements. Some access control systems use a method of generating a virtual identifier based on the IMEI of the smartphone, which is easy to fake even for an inexperienced user.

As described in the article, the strategy of Russian manufacturers is already visible. ESMART presented solutions with smartphone access, comparable in technical implementation with foreign vendors. There are ACS manufacturers who have not provided any solutions for mobile access and therefore are not mentioned in this article.


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