Crypto currency and smart cards are integrated on the secure RFID key fob AIRTAG® Pro

30 May 2018
Crypto currency and smart cards are integrated on the secure RFID key fob AIRTAG® Pro

The ISBC Group of Companies extends the range of Russian RFID key fobs. New AIRTAG® Pro combines up to 50 smart cards and a "cold" purse for crypto currency. It integrates banking, transport, discount cards. They can be downloaded on AIRTAG® Pro via a mobile application through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). AIRTAG® Pro is produced at ISBC's own enterprise in Zelenograd.

The active key fob AIRTAG® Pro uses RFID technology. It integrates all kinds of cards, contactless payments and digital services of the metropolis. Access to the office and to the corporate parking, to vending and coffee machines, a fitness center, loyalty programs and much more are combined on a single portable device made in Russia. AIRTAG® Pro, as well as other ISBC products, supports ESMART® Access technology.

AIRTAG® Pro has the possibility of a "cold" purse, which allows you to store crypto currency on a physical medium. In non-working mode, it does not have access to the Internet, which means it is absolutely safe, and attackers cannot reach it. If necessary, for operations with the crypto currency the connection to the mobile phone is made via BLE, pressing the button carries out the digital signature.

Unlike a traditional bunch of plastic cards, AIRTAG® Pro is very compact. The key ring is always with you, it's hard to forget at home. The device is equipped with contactless charging of the standard Qi and is compatible with all mobile devices on iOS and Android by BLE.

Just yesterday you could not check the balance of the Moscow "Troyka" transport card with the iPhone, but today AIRTAG® Pro evens the score in the competition between mobile OS. The new RFID key ring after remote replenishment does not require activation at the yellow terminal in the subway, and is immediately ready for use in transport.

"People have long been bored with bundles of various cards that are never at hand at the right time. The new AIRTAG® Pro integrates up to 50 cards with switching capability and customizable indication. Moreover, contactless payment is possible only if you switch the cards with a button or through a mobile application, unauthorized charge is not possible. And even the crypto currency can easily fit into your pocket with the help of the ISBC RFID key fob. Integration of banking and bitcoin with city services: transport cards, office passes and bonus cards - allows you to live comfortably and safely in a modern city," said Nikita Kozhemyakin, Managing Director of the ISBC Group.

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