ESMART® Access platform is recognized as the Best Innovative Product of ACS at Securika Moscow 2018

4 April 2018
ESMART® Access platform is recognized as the Best Innovative Product of ACS at Securika Moscow 2018

The Russian brand ESMART® took the 1st place in the contest "The Best Innovative Product", the ACS nomination, at Securika Moscow 2018. Secured access platform ESMART® Access provides integration of Access Control Systems and Smart City services. The product, developed and produced in Russia, Zelenograd, realizes the concept of a unified protected environment.

Modern wearable identifiers with ESMART® Access technology can be performed in the form of classic smart cards, AIRTAG key rings, bracelets and RFID watches. They combine the functionality of a transport card (for example: Troyka, Strelka, Podorojnik, etc.) and can be supplemented with the functionality of bank cards. Adding an applet to the appropriate payment system integrates all the functions of bank cards into a convenient and safe wearable device that does not require a purse.

An additional feature of the system is the possibility of using a virtual access smart card, downloaded to the mobile phone. BLE and NFC technologies turn the device on iOS or Android into an access identifier. The "Free Hands" mode allows you to open doors at a distance of up to 10 meters, without even taking the phone out of your pocket. SDK is provided to integrate ESMART® Access technology into third-party mobile applications.

The product line of equipment consists of 3 models of readers, different in design and purpose, - STONE, NEO and OEM. Among the solutions on the basis of the platform are secure access ACS, secure access of vehicles, transport and payment solutions. Integration with Smart City services is carried out by supporting all standards of the MIFARE Classic and MIFARE Plus families in ESMART identifiers.

ESMART® Access technology is protected against copying by air, cloning and hacking the card. AES-128 encryption is used when data is exchanged between the reader and the identifier. In addition, security is provided through the diversification of the encryption key, the use of the CMAC signature of the identifier, as well as additional protection against replay attacks.

"The mad pace of life is a feature of the modern metropolis. We always run somewhere and always strive to get everything quickly. Russian technology ESMART® Access from ISBC creates a single secure environment with contactless identification. The integration of ACS with city services: transport cards, payment systems and bonus cards - allows you to live comfortably in a modern city. Accesses to the office and to the corporate car park, to vending machines and coffee machines, fitness centers, loyalty programs and much more are combined on a single portable device made in Russia," said Ivan Demidov, president of the ISBC Group.

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