ESMART® CYBER solution allows you to use mobile phone as an electronic access key

16 November 2018
ESMART® CYBER solution allows you to use mobile phone as an electronic access key

ISBC Group and Guardian door lock manufacturing company launched ESMART® CYBER solution that turns mobile phone into an electronic key to your home. It combines the reliability of electromechanical Guardian locks with the ESMART® Access technology. Double identification significantly increases the security of apartments and houses.

The new solution complements the traditional mechanical method of locking doors with built-in electromechanical protection and access control system. The lock uses a mechanical key, as well as HF-identification by RFID key fob AIRTAG® or identification by smartphone with NFC, BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technologies. The solution is available to Russians in the Guardian shops.

The new home access control system consists of a built-in controller and ESMART® Reader, overhead or mortise. ESMART® CYBER is equipped with a battery and a convenient button input / output, comes with electronic keys AIRTAG® by ISBC. ACS locks the door until an electronic key is used.

A unique feature of ESMART® CYBER is the identification by mobile phone. ESMART® Access mobile app allows you to to open the door by tapping the phone to the reader, using NFC or BLE.

The system is characterized by high security. In case of external power failure ACS is powered by a battery, which capacity is enough for a few days. The electronic protection system shuts down after the battery is discharged. But mechanical lock remains closed preventing unauthorized entry of intruders.

"Radio frequency identification technologies make life easier. We make contactless payments, use transport, get discounts in stores and access to offices using RFID-identifiers and smartphones. Today, thanks to the cooperation of the Guardian and ISBC, the mobile phone becomes an electronic key to the house. The smartphone identification system with NFC or BLE is protected from signal interception by air, cloning and hacking. Security is provided by AES 128 encryption, encryption key diversification, CMAC-signature of the identifier and protection against replay attacks," said Nikita Kozhemyakin, Managing Director of the ISBC Group.

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