ESMART Reader and IDs ESMART® Access are deployed in Art. Lebedev Studio

8 October 2018
ESMART Reader and IDs ESMART® Access are deployed  in Art. Lebedev Studio
ISBC solutions are deployed in Art. Lebedev Studio. The ESMART® Access platform combined the pass to the complex of buildings and the Studio, Troika card for Moscow transport, and the payment system for all cafes of the Studio on one identifier. Secure authentication is provided not only for smart cards, but also for AIRTAG® RFID key fobs and SILITAG® RFID wristbands manufactured by ISBC.

The ESMART® Access platform guarantees a high level of security for systems equipped with ESMART® Readers, using modern cryptographic algorithms: diversified AES keys, verification of digital signature of identifiers and other degrees of protection. Optionally, you can use smartphones to access. Identification by mobile phones is based on BLE, NFC technology, Doors can be openned from as far as 10 m.

The solution is made in the corporate style of Art. Lebedev Studio.  Smart cards and ESMART® Readers  are customized with the customer's logo on the front panel and in the customer's brand colors.

"Now a pass to the complex of buildings, a pass to the Studio, a card for a business lunch in all our cafes and Troika card for the Moscow transport is one and the same smart card! The company, which makes Troika (ISBC), now produces especially for us new smart cards, which all employees can use in Moscow transport and as an office pass," said Artemiy Lebedev in his blog.


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