ISBC Anti-Theft RFID system will prevent thefts in fitness and retail

31 July 2018
ISBC Anti-Theft RFID system will prevent thefts in fitness and retail
The ISBC Group of Companies has created a new domestic anti-theft system. ISBC Anti-Theft is based on the UHF radio frequency identification technologies microwave frequency standard. The system is produced in Zelenograd. ISBC Anti-Theft will prevent thefts in retail and fitness centers, while the cost of Russian equipment is more than 2 times lower than foreign counterparts.

In modern SPA-centers and fitness clubs, the service of providing free towels and bathrobes is common. First, the issue of hygiene is being addressed. Secondly, customer loyalty is growing. Before classes it is so nice to get a clean, ironed towel! After finishing the training, the visitors of the club or SPA-center should hand over towels and bathrobes.

Unfortunately, the clubs suffer from permanent losses, for large fitnesses reaching 150 towels daily. The organization of hard manual control is meaningless, but the problem is solved very simply. Towels are equipped with special UHF-labels, resistant to washing, and the ISBC Anti-Theft system at the exit loudly recalls the need to return the thing to the fitness center.

The new Russian system consists of ultra-high frequency RFID readers manufactured by ISBC with external antennas, software, warning and executive devices. When trying to take out a thing, a light or light and sound alarm can be activated, informing the staff of the establishment.

"The Russian ISBC Anti-Theft is intended for fitness clubs, retail chains, hotels, SPA-centers. It can replace conventional anti-theft gates in stores and be mounted secretly, which increases its effectiveness. The use of ISBC RFID technologies allows combining the fight against theft with the inventory of goods in trade and warehouses, up to an accurate indication of the location of the goods, "said Andrey Krasovsky, Ph.D., Head of the ISBC Radio Frequency Identification Department.

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