ISBC has developed a Russian RFID system for hotels, restaurants and cafes

3 July 2018
ISBC has developed a Russian RFID system for hotels, restaurants and cafes

The ISBC Group has developed the RFID system HoReCa HandsFree. The solution developed in Zelenograd is based on radio frequency identification technologies. The RFID system provides remote opening of doors to waiters and HoReCa personnel without manual unlocking, leaving the hands free.

A significant problem in the service of guests of restaurants and cafes are the doors to office space. They should be closed from visitors, but it's easy to open for waiters taking orders. Often, employees grab the door, beating dishes, which greatly increases the time of serving dishes and reduces the loyalty of guests.

Modern RFID technologies easily solve the problem. The Russian development is based on the identification of radio frequency tags in the clothing of personnel by UHF readers. Doors open themselves before the waiters, but remain closed before unauthorized visitors.

The operating range of the system is adjustable, and reaches a maximum of 15 meters. When using crypto-protected RFID tags, high security is provided, risks of breaking, cloning or intercepting the signal through the air are prevented. The equipment provides maximum reliability and safety.

"The high quality of service in cafes and restaurants is a key factor for successful business development. And there is nothing more unpleasant for guests when their orders fly to the floor due to inaccuracy of tired staff. ISBC solutions easily solve the problem, increase the speed and quality of service. Loyalty of clients and security of access to office premises are ensured. The use of Russian RFID equipment allows us to create modern systems for HoReCa with optimal cost, "said Andrey Krasovsky, Ph.D., Head of the ISBC Radio Frequency Identification Department.

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