ISBC innovations for Social cards of the Moscow region

6 February 2020
ISBC innovations for Social cards of the Moscow region

ISBC Group has produced personalized social cards for residents of the Moscow region at its own plant in Zelenograd. They contain several technical innovations. The new contactless RFID IDs are equipped with built-in LEDs that indicate the card's operability.  Some important data on the card (for example, its validity date and series) are duplicated in Braille, which is extremely important for visually impaired citizens.

Residents of the Moscow region can enjoy various regional and federal benefits in accordance with the legislation. Citizens needed an individual device that automatically certifies their identity and the right to use benefits.

ISBC smart cards have become an innovative product that is individually encoded for each recipient. They combine the reliability of the original NXP chips with Russian developments in the field of production and quality control. Social cards of the Moscow region are made of several layers of high-quality plastic in the colors of the Russian flag.

The start date and validity period of each benefit is electronically encoded at ISBC. The transfer and processing of personal data is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Russian legislation.

Social cards are used primarily for transportation in Moscow and the Moscow region, as well as for discounts in retail chains. Thanks to the built-in led and the use of Braille, ISBC facilitates the use of social cards of the Moscow region for elderly and visually impaired people.

In addition, the technical possibility of integration with other system operators is provided, which can already agree on participation and come to the project. One card can combine social city loyalty programs, bonus cards of pharmacy chains and grocery retailers.

"ISBC provides broad access to innovative RFID technologies. New smart cards have become the most functional on the market. I am glad that all technical problems were solved by the joint efforts of the Moscow region Government and our team of engineers. Such complex solutions have not been produced in Russia before, and they will be replicated in other social card projects in the future," said Alexander Yakichev, Director of ISBC’s Smart Card and Equipment Department.

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