ISBC introduced ESMART® Reader for mobile access control systems on GITEX

22 October 2018
ISBC introduced ESMART® Reader for mobile access control systems on GITEX

ISBC Group - MIFARE Advanced Partner - has developed access control reader with support of Mobile phone access based on NXP Semiconductors technologies. ESMART® Reader supports MIFARE Classic, MIFARE Plus (SL1 / SL3) and MIFARE DESFire credentials. The product presented at GITEX-2018, held on October 14-18 in Dubai (UAE).

ESMART® Reader product line consists of 3 models differing in design and application: STONE, NEO and OEM. The readers can be configured by a smartphone without dismantling. ESMART platform is suitable for the following solutionssecure physical access control, secure vehicle access control, transport and payment.

ESMART® Reader provides secure access by using JCOP-based ESMART® Access credentials, iOS and Android mobile phones, MIFARE® PLUS and MIFARE® DESFire smart-cards. The product won the 1st place in nomination “Access Control” of contest "Best Innovative Product" at Securika Moscow 2018.

ESMART® Reader has an extended operation range (from -40 to +85 °C), waterproof, and can be used outdoors. The NEO model can be tailored to any corporate style and customer's logo; there are wide possibilities for customizing reader’s  front panel.

ESMART® Access technology protects from RF-channel sniffing, card tampering or cloning. AES-128 data encryption is used in exchange between the reader and the ID. Additional security is provided by keys diversification, applying CMAC signature and protection from replay attacks.

Modern wearable identifiers with ESMART® Access technology using NXP JCOP can be produced in form of conventional smart-cards, AIRTAG RFID keyfob and wristband.  On demand it can combine the functionality of a transport and a banking card. Adding an applet of an appropriate payment system to wearables makes it a convenient and secure payment device that does not require carrying it in a wallet.

“ESMART® Readers provide the possibility to use virtual smart-card access uploaded to the mobile phone. BLE and NFC technologies turn the device on iOS or Android into an access ID. The "Hands Free" mode allows you to open doors at a distance of up to 10 meters without even taking the phone out of your pocket. ESMART® Reader uses NXP Semiconductors technology, which ensures high security when using JCOP ICs. Support of the whole MIFARE Classic and MIFARE Plus family ensures the integration of our solutions into digital services of the Smart City", said Nikita Kogemyakin, the Managing Director of the ISBC Group.

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