ISBC launched the production of UHF RFID tags

27 March 2020
ISBC launched the production of UHF RFID tags

Zelenograd scientists under the leadership of Andrey Krasovsky, Ph.D, designed a line of unique RFID tags under the ISBC brand. Innovative methods of mathematical modeling were used in the development of ISBC® Tags Reflect42.

  • In terms of consumer and operational characteristics, ISBC Tags are far ahead of analogues produced in the United States and Europe.

  • ISBC®Tags Reflect42 are specially designed by ISBC for metal object identification. Reflect42 is a vandal-proof enclosure UHF tag designed to identify moving and stationary large objects.

  • UHF tag is powered by NXP Ucode 8 chips and provides confident reading at a range of up to 42 meters.

RFID is the most effective and popular technology of the IoT. Radio frequency identification allows you to automate the accounting and evaluation of industrial equipment wear, registration of transport and railway cars, moving pallets, monitoring containers and weighing trucks. RFID solutions provide error-free control, reduce costs and prevent staff errors.

ISBC®Tags Reflect42 advantages:

  • Trucks and trailer identification, including railway wagons, containers

  • Robust plastic case

  • High distance of reading – up to 42 meters

  • Metal object identification

ISBC® Tags Reflect42 are passive and do not require a battery. When a tag falls within the reader's range, it is powered by radio waves and responds with its unique number or additional data encoded in its memory.

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