ISBC multifunctional wearables will help schoolchildren of Kazakhstan

24 October 2018
ISBC multifunctional wearables will help schoolchildren of Kazakhstan

The ISBC Group continues to develop Smart city technologies, improving the life quality of megacities residents. Multifunctional RFID key fobs AIRTAG® and SILITAG® wristbands, already used in 60 regions of Russia, are becoming increasingly popular around the world. Transport holding of Astana, Astana LRT, after a long and painstaking analysis of all alternatives, has chosen ISBC identifiers for schoolchildren of Kazakhstan.

As you know, conventional transport cards are not very convenient. Especially for students who constantly lose or break them. RFID key fobs AIRTAG® and SILITAG® wristbands, developed by ISBC, are compact, reliable and very durable. They are replenished as well as conventional transport cards.

RFID key fob AIRTAG® is almost 4 times smaller than smart card that allows you to carry them on the house keys. The original design turns them into an attractive accessory, and collectors really hunt for the AIRTAG® limited edition. SILITAG® are securely attached to the wrist, they are hypoallergenic, safe for health and approved for use by children.

"Multifunctional wearable devices have already become the key to Smart city services. Unlike smartphones, they do not require electricity and do not emit high-frequency microwaves, RFID key fobs AIRTAG® and SILITAG® wristbands can’t to discharge, and they are safe for children. That’s why they are so popular around the world as a school cards with the integration of payments for food and transport. At this stage, Astana schoolchildren will be able to use ISBC wearables that are so popular among children," said Alexander Yakichev, Director of ISBC smart cards and equipment Department.

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