ISBC at the 11th Caspian International Exhibition "Security, Safety and Rescue Means"

30 October 2017
ISBC at the 11th Caspian International Exhibition "Security, Safety and Rescue Means"

The city of Baku is the cultural, industrial, political capital of Azerbaijan. In addition, Baku is a very beautiful city with nice and friendly people. The city is located on the western coast of the Caspian Sea, on the shores of the Gulf of the same name in the southern part of the Absheron peninsula, rich in its oil fields. Baku includes 11 administrative districts, 5 urban-type settlements.
Thanks to the country and the city of Baku for organizing the largest exhibition dedicated to security systems, in which the ISBC Group presented another exposition and conducted a series of free training seminars on radio frequency identification (RFID) technologies in general and equipment from ISBC in particular.
The 11th Caspian International Exhibition "Security, Safety and Rescue Means" was held in Baku. We presented a number of solutions based on RFID in the field of road transport identification - all those solutions that allow to increase both the level of safety and the level of comfort when accessing the territory of production, motor depots, yards (in cities, cottage settlements). For each segment, we offer our solution, adapted exclusively for it.
In addition, we presented a ready-made solution based on RFID for inventories of commodities and assets of the company, which succinctly fits into the business processes of accounting for banks, industrial enterprises, including oil production and refineries. We also showed RFID equipment for work in warehouses. The use of RFID equipment in warehouses and in business processes of enterprises has become much easier - we have done a great job to ensure that ISBC equipment is easily integrated into any information system of the enterprise, including software modules for 1C and SAP.

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