ISBC® RFID Start enables rapid adoption of the Internet of Things for business

14 February 2019
ISBC® RFID Start enables rapid adoption of the Internet of Things for business

ISBC has developed a new Internet of Things technology for industry, retail and logistics. ISBC® RFID Start enables the integration of radio-frequency identification based on ISBC equipment with customer’s business applications. The technology allows you to create a solution for business tasks by in-house IT staff.

Modern RFID technologies integrate objects with information systems, providing reliable identification, control and analysis. RFID tags that do not require power supply are  attached to products, vehicles, goods, creating the Internet of Things for business. Special ISBC readers emit radio waves and receive a signal from each object, transmitting data to the client's information system.

The key problem for the Internet of Things is the uniqueness of each enterprise. Customers usually require professional software development and RFID system customization to adapt IoT technologies to business processes. ISBC® RFID Start technology provides easy integration of ISBC RFID equipment with customer’s business applications using special middleware.

ISBC solutions minimize customer costs by allowing you to build your own the Internet of Things. ISBC® RFID Start collects data from equipment and processes it. The redistribution, filtering and preparation of the final information in a format that meets the requirements of the client's information system is carried out.

“The introduction of the Internet of Things in small and medium business will happen very soon. In such cases, custom software development requires a lot of time and money. The ISBC® RFID Start technology makes it easy to implement the IoT through in-house IT service without developing special software products.. Our solutions will ensure business efficiency with minimal costs”, said Andrei Krasovskiy, Ph.D., Head of the ISBC RFID Department.

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