ISBC will relieve toll roads from traffic jams at the entrance

14 June 2018
ISBC will relieve toll roads from traffic jams at the entrance

The ISBC Group has presented equipment for the Free Flow systems. It uses radio frequency identification (RFID) technology and is designed for non-stop access to toll roads. Thanks to many years of experience, ISBC provides support to these complex integration projects for companies of any specialization.

Paid routes are usually free of traffic jams and allow you to reduce travel time. But charging points with barriers limit the freedom of movement. Modern technologies based on RFID identification easily provide non-stop transportation of vehicles.

ISBC has announced modern RFID readers working with secure RFID tags and induction loop detectors capable of detecting the type of vehicle. The equipment provides maximum reliability and safety. The novelty is intended for operators of toll roads, integrator companies and design organizations.

Identification of vehicles at a distance of up to 16 meters excludes fraud in settlement transactions. The applied transponders (RFID tags) have special encryption functions, which allows to confirm the authenticity. All attempts to copy or forge the label become useless.

"Today traffic jams at the entrances of toll roads are a thing of the past. Everywhere in the world, charging points with barriers are replaced by RFID systems Free-Flow. RFID equipment from ISBC provides movement and charge-off without stopping, the identification of the car passes confidently and unmistakably at speeds up to 200 km / h, - said Andrey Krasovsky, head of the Radio Frequency Identification Department of ISBC. "In addition, our equipment effectively solves the issue of charging fees on conventional charging bills equipped with barriers".

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