ISBС presented ESMART° Reader with OSDP and GOST encryption

27 March 2019
ISBС presented ESMART° Reader with OSDP and GOST encryption

ISBC Group presented a new ESMART® Reader GOST at Securika Moscow 2019. It combines extremely wide range of operation conditions from - 40°С to + 85°С, moisture protection and protection against wireless sniffering, card cloning or tampering. Innovations are the GOST encryption standard and OSDP Protocol for data transfer from the reader to the controller.

ESMART° Readers ensure the security of business centers and enterprises by encrypting and authenticating the user. Access control system based on ESMART Reader allows you to encrypt data between the reader and the ID, to use the diversification of the encryption key, MAC signature and protection against replay attacks.

OSDP (Open Supervised Device Protocol) provides secure data transfer from the reader to the ACS controller. Security is implemented through data encryption and authentication. The Protocol reduces the economic costs of switching equipment: unlike Wiegand uses fewer wires (4 vs 7), while the OSDP devices are connected in parallel, which allows you to use the same cable at the same time for multiple ACS readers. Another important advantage is the maximum distance from the readers to the controller – 1200 m.

"Access control systems must be secure, but often can’t work as intended. Cloning, hacking cards and the interception of the signal allow attackers to crack most of the ACS. Threat prevention is possible if the reader and the identifier are comply with information security requirements, and data transmission is protected at all stages. We have developed an ESMART Reader with OSDP and GOST encryption to create secure Access Control Systems," said Nikita Kozhemyakin, ISBC’s Managing Director.

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