ISBC integrated bracelets, cards and key rings Moskvienok with the application of the card Troika

20 February 2018
ISBC integrated bracelets, cards and key rings Moskvienok with the application of the card Troika

Electronic bracelets, cards and key rings Moskvienok with the transport application Troika for schoolchildren and parents of children from preschool groups were produced in Moscow. Using them, children can not only enter the school, go out of it and buy food at the buffet, but also use the metro, buses, trolleybuses and trams. Adults can accompany the child to the building, where the preschool group is, and take them from there after classes. This is very convenient, because the child does not have an additional card and will not for sure forget his ticket at home.

Combined with the Troika application, bracelets, cards and key rings Moskvienok went into the market this month. ISBC acted as the manufacturer. Two thousand bracelets, several thousand cards and the same number of key rings have already been produced at the plant in Zelenograd. They can be purchased at online stores. After buying a combined media, parents need to contact the educational organization to link the gadget to the personal account of the user of Moskvienok. This can be done by a specialist responsible for the information system Passage and Nutrition.

The card has two independent personal accounts. You can replenish the account of the Troika card or record any type of travel card at the ticket offices of the metro, via the mobile application Moscow Metro, and also with the help of the online replenishment service in the Replenishment section of the Wallet of the Troika card on the website

Users can also replenish the personal account of Moskvienok on the portal, via the application "State services of Moscow", from the mobile phone account and in cash via the branches and terminals of banks. All available methods of replenishment are listed here.

"Private companies are engaged in production of the cards Moskvienok combined with the Troika card. This became possible after we began to certify and it was allowed to connect bracelets and key rings, developed by commercial companies, to the information system Passage and Nutrition. Now several manufacturers have already passed certification. In addition to combined carriers, they sell conventional cards, bracelets and key rings Moskvienok with a bright design", said Evgeny Simanovsky, the head of the Moskvienok project at the Department of Information Technologies in Moscow.

According to him, manufacturers are constantly expanding the range of gadgets. They can be of different shapes and sizes, but must necessarily comply with the general rules of design and security requirements of the information system Passage and Nutrition. In the near future, tags and labels Moskvienok may appear on sale in addition to cards, key rings and bracelets. The list of carriers of Moskvienok for passage and nutrition in the school, as well as the rules of certification for manufacturers can be found here.

"Previously, the citizens carried packs of various cards, from bank and transport cards to passes to office and discount cards. They interfered, were forgot and broken. Today in Russia ISBC independently produces multifunctional smart cards, key rings and bracelets of its own design, which unite many identities on one identifier. A bracelet and a key ring are not in your pocket, but on your wrist or on a bunch of keys. They are not lost and have a unique personalized design.

The project to integrate the cards Troika and Moskvienok is not the first in the company's portfolio. Similarly, the cards of access to the Rumyantsevo business center, the Moscow City business center and many others are combined with the Troika card. Very soon all Moscow residents will be able to use modern multi-functional identifiers. More than 20 different co-branding projects are planned in the capital and a few dozen in the regions. In the near future, new types of electronic media will also appear, combining even more functionality and capabilities", said Alexander Yakichev, the director of the smart card and equipment department at ISBC.

 Concerning the information system Passage and Nutrition

The information system Passage and Nutrition has been operating in the schools of the capital since 2012. Now more than 3.5 thousand educational organizations of the city are equipped with it. This is over 90 percent of school buildings and 70 percent of buildings with preschool groups in Moscow. 930,000 schoolchildren, 810,000 parents of preschool children, and more than 175,000 employees of educational institutions have electronic cards and bracelets.

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