RFID Journal about ESMART® Cyber by ISBC and Guardian

24 January 2019
RFID Journal about ESMART® Cyber by ISBC and Guardian
By Claire Swedberg

Source: RFID Journal, USA

Russian door-locking technology company Guardian has launched a new door lock called ESMART


Cyber, which employes wireless technology from ISBC Group to allow home owners to use a mobile phone to access their residence. The solution employs Near Field Communication (NFC) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technologies to provide two options for triggering the opening of a lock, utilizing a mobile phone and an app downloaded to that phone, or a contactless key fob. The smartphone identification system comes with encryption to protect it from interception by air, cloning or hacking, according to Dmitriy Kornienko, ISBC Group's CMO.

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