RFID solution of IT Project and ISBC - maximum safety of schoolchildren

1 December 2017
RFID solution of IT Project and ISBC - maximum safety of schoolchildren

IT Project, the leading Russian developer and integrator of solutions based on RFID technology, and the leading Russian manufacturer of RFID equipment, labels and cards - the ISBC Group of Companies, successfully cooperate in the implementation of RFID systems for tracking the movement of children and teachers in educational institutions.
We are talking about RFID systems for the long-range identification UHF, in which the student's card is identified at a distance of several meters without having to apply it to the card scanner at the entrance to the school.

The identification system is based on the stationary RFID-readers from FEIG ELECTRONIC, UHF RFID-cards from ISBC and the software platform "ITProject RFID Server" with the client module "ITProject RFID AccessSystem". The ISBC TELECOM telecommunications platform is used to send SMS messages to parents. The first implementations were in schools in St. Petersburg, where RFID technology became an alternative to traditional access systems with turnstiles. The need to replace traditional systems arose in connection with the requirements of the Fire Safety Inspection Service to dismantle all available turnstiles in secondary educational institutions in the city of St. Petersburg, which are recognized as an obstacle to emergency evacuation of people in the event of an emergency.

The system is easily scaled in the case of the need for the institution to track the movement of students and staff between the premises inside the school, or recording of working hours. To do this, you need to install RFID equipment in controlled areas and implement additional software settings. If necessary, the RFID system can be integrated with the internal accounting systems of the educational institution to automate the internal processes, for example, with the program of ordering school lunches according to the number of schoolchildren present, with a system for notifying parents and teachers about the transfer of the student, etc.

The RFID system complies with all the necessary sanitary norms (Sanitary Rules and Regulations) and the requirements of the State Committee for Radio Frequency Regulation, the use of RFID systems is safe and comparable in terms of radiation level to the radiation of a cellular phone.

About IT Project

ITProject is a leading Russian developer and integrator of systems based on radio frequency identification technology (RFID). The versatile platform of Goods Internet ITProject RFID Server, developed by ITProject, allows you to create ramified systems for automatic data collection and transmission from a variety of RFID devices for further processing, and to manage automatic equipment for various applications.

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