ISBC RFID technologies will ensure Russia's food security

12 February 2018
ISBC RFID technologies will ensure Russia's food security

The ISBC Group of Companies has certified domestic radio frequency tags in the international organization International Committee for Animal Recording (ICAR). RFID tags are designed for automated identification and recording of animals. The products of the ISBC’s Zelenograd plant have successfully passed all the checks for compliance with the world standards ISO 11784 and ISO 11785.

Since that moment Russia independently produces certified RFID tags for animals. The aspect of food security is extremely important. Clear identification of sick animals will allow to identify infected products, including imported ones, in time, to prevent epidemics of dangerous diseases.

But ordinary people not the state will have the main benefits. Today we do not know from where the milk and the meat have come to our table. Radio frequency identification will provide 100% control. The whole way of products "from the field to the table" will become crystal clear, and we will be assured of the health of the cow depicted on the milk package. The long-awaited Goods Internet will be implemented in practice in the simple technology that everyone needs.

The search for missing pets will be another innovation. Today, thousands of animals are lost. RFID tags will become official passports of pets, prevent bitterness of separation from fluffy and shaggy friends.

"In the world there are only a few dozen manufacturers certified by ICAR, and we are among the leaders. The ISBC Group of Companies has created the only Russian production of RFID tags for animals that meets international standards. We were the first to get the right to participate in large state and international projects on animal registration and identification, which allows us to solve the import substitution tasks and win new continents for Russian goods", said Associated Member of ICAR Alexey Antonov, the head of the ISBC Animal Identification Department.

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