Rigla and ISBC have created a co-branded system on RFID key fobs AIRTAG®

12 March 2018
Rigla and ISBC have created a co-branded system on RFID key fobs AIRTAG®
Federal pharmacy chain Rigla and the ISBC Group of Companies have created a digital co-branded system using RFID-key rings AIRTAG®. The solution based on radio frequency identification technology allowed us to integrate a bonus program "pRIGLAshaem" from the pharmacy network and transport cards Troika into one modern carrier.

The presence of a lot of discount and transport cards, badges and keys to doorphones creates problems for the inhabitants of the metropolis. They can be forgotten, lost or simply be worn out. RFID key ring AIRTAG® combine the possibilities of access to the office and residential complex, bonus programs and transport cards. The security of the solution is provided by the presence of a unique UID number on each chip, automatically requested for each transaction, which prevents forgery.

With the use of a single AIRTAG® carrier, Moscow residents will be able to pay for the travel by the Troika transport application and receive discounts on medical products in the Rigla network. RFID key rings are made of materials that comply with European regulations 1907/2006, have high strength, durability and the ability to self-repair coating.

"The modern concept of the Smart City is being put into practice today. We no longer dig our pockets in search of change, digital technologies of contactless identification allow you to use transport, quickly pay for purchases, get discounts, go into the office or home. But the piles of cards are also a thing of the past. RFID key rings AIRTAG® become keys to the Smart City for Moscow residents, combining all kinds of services and accesses on the same carrier," said Alena Grudtsyna, head of ISBC sales, Loyalty and Retail.

"Personalized approach to the client is one of the main trends of business development of the Rigla pharmacy network. The introduction of a single carrier AIRTAG®, combining the options of necessary in everyday life plastic cards that allow you to pay for travel around the city and purchase pharmacy production with a discount - the manifestation of concern for the convenience and comfort of a metropolitan. For our customers this is a new opportunity to get maximum convenience and save time while making purchases thanks to the most advanced technologies," commented the general director of the Rigla pharmacy chain, Alexander Filippov.

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