Secure IDs ESMART® Access

28 August 2019
Secure IDs ESMART® Access

Over the past 20-30 years, physical access security processes have evolved dramatically. Access control and management systems with contactless cards are used everywhere. Initially, identification was carried out on the basis of low-frequency LF chips, the next stage was the high-frequency HF chips.

Secure access requires modern countermeasures. To solve the problem, ISBC has developed ESMART® Access secure technology. The innovation is in the integration of encryption into the pass. Unlike unsecured cards, ISBC security identifiers have a special program that provides authentication and encryption.

The new ESMART® Access identifiers, developed by ISBC and manufactured at a high-tech factory in Zelenograd, based on NXP JCOP microchip. Provides protection against copying by air, cloning and hacking cards due to:

  • encryption during data exchange between the reader and the identifier;

  • diversification of the encryption key;

  • MAC signature identifier;

  • protection against replay attacks.

ESMART® Access technology implements the concept of a unified secure environment:

  1. HF (13.56 MHz) - a unified identification standard for ACS and Smart City. All urban and corporate infrastructure migrates to HF contactless identification. ACS integrates into the enterprises and urban ecosystem of your city.

  2. One identifier should combine many functions. Access to the office and corporate car parking, to vending machines and coffee machines, a fitness center, personal and corporate loyalty programs, transport, etc. using a single identifier.

  3. High security required. Identifiers are protected from copying, cloning and breaking the card.

  4. The access control identifier should be branded, distinguished by corporate identity.

ISBC-designed security pass based on RFID keyfob AIRTAG® or RFID whristband SILITAG® with ESMART® Access technology becomes a stylish accessory. The usual pass is outdated morally, while the ISBC innovation is becoming an advantage for business centers and organizations, integrating security, access to the services of Smart City and modern design.

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