Secure IoT Platform by MOBY and ISBC – universal key to the digital world

15 April 2019
Secure IoT Platform by MOBY and ISBC – universal key to the digital world

MobyLabs UK Ltd presents Secure IoT Platform – an unique hardware and software cloud solution for managing contactless products, and, together with ISBC is launching the first consumer-ready implementation based on SIoT Platform – AIRTAG® Pro and AIRTAG® Sense.

AIRTAG® Pro is a compact wearable device, that allows its owner to securely store and use any NFC- and BLE-enabled applications – for example, payment cards, public transit wallets, OTP generators or FIDO U2F/UAF applications. And Secure IoT Platform Cloud enables him to receive such products directly from developers via connected smartphone.

AIRTAG® Sense adds another layer of security with built-in fingerprint sensor by Fingerprint Cards AB. Per-application biometric protection allows implementing any user-defined security scenarios.

AIRTAG® Pro/Sense by MobyLabs and ISBC is a next generation tool for managing user data. The Platform in whole aims to provide exceptional data security level, at no expense of convenience and ease of use. It returns control over personal data back to the user and ensures its safety.

"The integration of the active RFID keyfob AIRTAG Pro with biometric identification ensures maximum security. Now all Bank, bonus, transport cards and NFC/BLE - applications are combined on one device protected from unauthorized use," said Nikita Kozhemyakin, ISBC’s Managing Director.

For more information you can check the official Indiegogo campaign page

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