Secure UHF Access Control Deployed in Moscow

17 April 2020
Secure UHF Access Control Deployed in Moscow

Government and private-sector employees both use a secure parking area at Russia's Moscow International Business Center (MIBC), one of the world's largest business district projects, commonly known as Moscow-City. This year, the operator of that parking area deployed a UHF RFID system that provides secure entry to authorized vehicles at a greater distance, and thus more efficiently than close-proximity technologies.

The UHF system comes with security features intended to prevent the hacking of data. The solution was provided by technology company ISBC, using FEIG Electronic's LRU 1002 RFID readers and a built-in NXP UCODE DNA chip that leverages an untraceable command. The parking operator has asked to remain unnamed.

The benefit of UHF transmissions is that the long range enables gate readers to authenticate a driver before a vehicle comes to a complete stop; however, that long range also allows the potential for hacking from a nearby reader device. Using the UCODE DNA chip in untraceable mode ensures that the transponder in the card will not respond to an unauthorized reader, essentially making the transponder immune to a hacker's attack, explains Mike Hrabina, FEIG's global product manager.

ISBC's solution captures tag reads and forwards that information to the operator's software, which can then accomplish other functions, such as maintaining statistics regarding entrance and exit traffic related to the date and time each vehicle came and went, as well as at which specific control point this occurred. Additionally, the parking company can adjust the tags' read range by changing the power setting of the RFID module in the FEIG reader.

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