ESMART Auto-ACS system notifies residents by SMS

26 December 2017
ESMART Auto-ACS system notifies residents by SMS

The ESMART system for automatic control of doors and gates of the checkpoint now has a new functionality - individual and group distribution of SMS notifications.

Possible are both individual SMS messages to car owners and group ones, sent by additional phone numbers entered in the ESMART Auto-ACS System. Messages are sent when one of the 2 events occurs: vehicle pass and software access change. Group subscriptions are very interesting both for residents and for the administration of the village, for example, all interested persons can be sent SMS notifications when the school bus arrives to the village territory, which is regarded as a signal that the child should go to the gate or to the square . Also, the administration staff can quickly receive information about the arrival of housing and communal vehicles to the village.
SMS is sent to the person indicated in the system as "Vehicle owner" or to the administration employee when specifying subscriptions to housing and communal services vehicles, buses or fixed-route taxis. SMS messages can be sent when the program blocking of passage occurs or vice versa - when the access is open again. As additional options - sending SMS notifications in case of automatic access blocking when the specified period expires, for example, after 1 month. Undoubtedly, our task is not to obstruct the journey to the house, but this is only a way to remind a person that it's time to pay utility bills if there is no other way of notifying in your village.
Distribution of SMS notifications is realized on the ISBC TELECOM cloud service, there is no monthly subscription fee, tariffing for 1 message is performed on the standard tariff scale of the operator. Details on the terms of payment and tariffication can be found on the website or asked from the managers of "ISBC TELECOM" or "ISBC RFID".

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