The ESMART® Configurator mobile app is available on Google Play

18 December 2018
The ESMART® Configurator mobile app is available on Google Play

For the first time, Russian access control readers can be configured from smartphones on Android without dismantling. ISBC developed the ESMART® Configurator mobile app especially for ESMART® Readers. You can download it on Google Play now.

Setting up most of the usual ACS readers requires dismantling, which creates inconvenience and risk of damaging the readers and the walls. The ESMART® Configurator app, developed by ISBC, allows you to change the parameters of ACS readers using your mobile phone by BLE technology. This is the fastest and most convenient way to change the reader configuration.

The ESMART® Configurator provides the following settings:

  • Individual mode of operation with any ISO 14443A/MIFARE standard cards:

           ✓ Reading of UID

            ✓ Reading data from memory of cards: MIFARE Plus (SL1 and SL3 modes), MIFARE Classic and MIFARE ID, with the ability to configure the sector, block, number and offset of data, as well as the encryption key CRYPTO1 or AES128

            ✓ CMAC verification of the data signature

            ✓ Configure encryption key diversification

  •  Wiegand interface format:

            ✓ Changing the type of Wiegand, select the amount of data transferred

            ✓ Configuring byte order, prefixes and postfixes

            ✓ Using parity bits

  • Settings of the display reader:

            ✓ Sound indication control

            ✓ Display colors in standby mode: chameleon basic display, selection of a specific color or changing colors

            ✓ Adjustment of the color that should come on when the controller inhibit signal

            ✓ Adjustment of the color to be lit at the controller enable signal

           ✓ Adjust the color to be lit when the controller simultaneously sends both signals.

           ✓ Ability to ignore incoming signals from the controller

  • Extra settings:

         ✓ Work with external NFC antenna

         ✓ Configure the maximum distance of Bluetooth operations

The ESMART® Configurator application repeatedly simplifies the process of setting up an access control system, combining efficiency and safety. The app is also available for iOS devices.

"Digitalization is rapidly embracing more and more areas, including setting up electronic devices. ESMART® Readers do not require dismantling to change the parameters, you can use mobile phone with mobile application by ISBC. The ESMART® Configurator allows you to change the settings for access cards and reader indication, which facilitates and speeds up the work of technical specialists", – said Nikita Kozhemiakin, Managing Director of ISBC Group.

Download the ESMART® Configurator app:

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