ISBC provides readers for the digitization of Russian health insurance

9 July 2018
ISBC provides readers for the digitization of Russian health insurance

New plastic identifiers in the form of smart cards with Russian chips are more convenient than paper documents. ISBC has already delivered more than 2 000 readers of modern policies to 9 leading insurance companies in Russia.

A modern health insurance policy, equipped with a contact chip, received a high degree of protection. It cannot be faked, and the identification of a citizen in a polyclinic, a hospital and an insurance company no longer requires a lengthy manual work.

Within the framework of the project, ISBC decided to directly integrate policies, information systems of insurers and medical institutions. In this case are used ACS readers that works with crypto-processor smart cards. Reliable and convenient smart card readers that meet the standards of ISO 7816-1 / 2/3, EMV, Microsoft PC / SC, make it easy to chose another insurance company by changing data in the policy. The transition is carried out at the request of citizens in accordance with the Federal Law of 29.11.2010. No. 326-FZ "On compulsory medical insurance in the Russian Federation".

"The ISBC Group of companies participates in the eHealth program, ensuring the transition of Russian healthcare to the digital identification of patients. The use of ISBC smart card readers from ISBC simplifies the work of insurance companies and makes life easier for citizens. The largest insurance companies in Russia, including market leaders, have chosen cooperation with us, "said Alexander Yakichev, ISBC Director of Smart Cards and Equipment Department ISBC.

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