The smart card, which has no analogues, was developed by the Russian ISBC

7 May 2018
The smart card, which has no analogues, was developed by the Russian ISBC

A combined contactless smart card combining RFID chips of the I-Code, MIFARE, EM-Marine standards has been developed and launched by the Russian ISBC Group. The novelty, which has no analogues in the world, integrates radio frequency identification systems of different frequencies (HF, LF) and standards.

Identification of users of digital services and loyalty systems, access control to offices and contactless payment systems require a variety of different smart cards. Citizens have to carry packets of cards that are lost or broken. Using different standards and frequency ranges does not allow you to combine all the functions on one device.

The ISBC Group has integrated all the main contactless identification systems on a single carrier. The unique combined smart card, produced in Zelenograd, is equipped with 3 RFID chips of the HF and LF bands. These include: providing access to the services of the Smart City MIFARE, used for office access systems I-Code, used as electronic keys EM-Marine.

"One of the problems of contactless identification is inconsistency of standards. With the development of digital services, the townspeople have the dramatically increasing number of banking, transportation and discount cards, keys from doorphones and badges. ISBC has integrated the RFID chips of the most popular standards in a single smart card, which has no analogues in the world. You no longer have to look for a pass to the checkpoint or remain without discounts in your favorite store, we have combined all kinds of access and services on a single multifunctional carrier," said Alexander Yakichev, Director of the Department of Smart Cards and ISBC Equipment.

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