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Advanced Card Systems (ACS), founded in 1995, is currently the leading manufacturer of desktop smart card readers in Asia Pacific's top supplier (according to Frost & Sullivan). ACS manufactures and supplies a wide range of smart card readers and similar devices in more than 80 countries all over the world and offers options for smart card integration into various spheres of production and business. Visit website
NXP Semiconductors N.V.

NXP Semiconductors N.V. supplies solutions based on High Performance Mixed Signal and standard semiconductor components taking advantage of cutting edge research in radio frequency and analog signals, low energy consumption technologies, digital processing and production technologies. These innovative solutions are widely utilized in in automotive, industrial and consumer electronics, lighting systems, medicine, computing and as identification means. The company's divisions work in more than 25 countries of the world. NXP informed about income of USA $4.36 bln in 2012.

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Qualcomm is involved in development and research of contactless communication means and SoC (System on Chip). St. Diego, CA based Qualcomm is oriented at production of chipsets widely used in manufacturing of smartphones. The company is proud to be in S&P 100 Index, Barron’s 500, Financial Times Most Valuable Global 500 Companies and FORTUNE 500.
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FEIG Electronic
For more than 50 year FEIG ELECTRONIC has been developing technologies of contactless authentication, electronic monitoring systems, traffic detection loops and payment terminals. The company is located in Weiburg, Germany, it employs about 300 people. The company contributes a lot in making technologies better by creating innovative solutions for enterprises and organizations of any scale and industrial profile.
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HID Global
HID Global is the unquestionable leader in the sphere of identification means for security systems. By offering services and products to millions of customers all over the world. HID Global aims at enhancing of customer's value of products by means of supplying the highest quality goods and reliable solutions for security and access control systems. Major advantages of HID Global products are top quality, contemporary design and cutting edge technologies.
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Hewlett-Packard, a major American company in the sphere of information technology, is known as a supplier of hardware and software for corporate and private customers. Company's HQ is located in Palo Alto (CA, USA). The company offers solutions for IT infrastructure, personal computer systems and devices, services on system integration, service maintenance, consulting. Hewlett-Packard is particularly famed for printing equipment.
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Atmel® is the world leader in the area of development and manufacturing of micro-controllers, solutions for capacitive sensor input, mixed signal processing units, non-volatile memory and radio frequency components. Atmel® possesses the widest range of unique technologies that are the intellectual property of the company. The company offers ready-made solutions and systems aimed at industrial and consumer markets of computing and automotive components for security and communication means.
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Infineon Technologies
Infineon Technologies is the world leading manufacturer of micro ICs and complex solutions for automobile and industrial electronics, smart cards and security systems. Products by Infineon are reliable due to highest quality component base. Via subsidiaries, Infineon is doing business globally. In 2013 annual turnover was up to €3.843 billion.
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Association of Siberian and the Far East cities
Association of Siberian and the Far East cities is a voluntary organization of municipal cooperation for towns and cities in Siberia and the Far East. It was founded in 1986 to assist in social and economic development and cooperation, establishing local self authorities. Since appearance the Association has held more than 500 events devoted to sharing experience on local administration on major problems. More than 25 thousands of specialists took part in those events.
Association of Siberian and the Far East cities maintains partnership with federal and regional authorities, various associations and municipal settlement unions not only in Russia but also in Europe and the North America. The Association is a partner to large Russian and international holdings, including ISBC Group.
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Information Security Association (ISA)
Interregional voluntary organization Information Security Association (ISA) was founded in 2002 on initiative of FAPSI and FSTEC Russia. Activity of ISA is targeted at creating favorable environment for satisfying needs in information security products and technologies for civilians, business and governmental bodies.

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Association of Electronic Trading Platforms
The Association's goal is creating and maintaining of Russian united interactive trading environment. This goal can join international efforts of all trading systems and platforms. Participants of the Association are integrated into joint state-wide electronic environment thanks to branched federal networking.

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Non-profit Partnership "Union of Information Security Specialists"
Non-profit partnership for assistance in development of information security in business and industrial organizations "Union of Information Security Specialists" is an industry-oriented community of professionals in licensees of FSB of Russia and FSTEC in the sphere of information security. The major aims of the Partnership are creation and maintenance of high standards in information security practice and independent audit of data protection assurance for business.
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International Committee for Animal Recording (ICAR)
International Committee for Animal Recording (ICAR) is non-government international organization founded in 1951 in Rome. Currently the Committee consist of 115 members from 57 countries. ICAR strives to become the leading developer of guiding principles and standards in identification, accounting and assessment of livestock. ICAR aims at improving efficiency and profitability of animal breeding.
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Matica — HQ in Munich, Germany — creates and maintains secure solutions for high quality and reliable card personalization projects all over the world. The range includes desktop equipment for laser engraving, e-pass electronic personalization and centralized issuance of banking cards.
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Universal electronic trading platform
Universal Electronic Trading Platform is the first Russian system of electronic auctions, created by principle of uniting singular purchase request into bulk lots in major areas of industry. The main goal of the Platform is providing all benefits of auctions for buying and selling raw and other materials, spare parts etc. for small and medium enterprises. The platform guaranties protection from fraud.
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Company INIST focuses on development, integration and support of banking applications and multi-user universal trading platforms, development of software for e-commerce in Internet
Main business areas:
  • banking — development and selling ready-made banking applications "INIST Bank-Client";
  • exchange trading — development of universal distributed multi-user exchange and trading platforms;
  • e-commerce — software development for Internet network (payment systems, online shops, stock exchange and trading platforms, online trading and online banking);
  • web projects — development of projects and systems for WorldWideWeb;
  • custom software — development of multi-user programs.
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Security Code
Security Code is the Russian developer of hardware and software means for information security complying to Russian and international standards. The company was founded in 2008 on the basis of Department of software developing organization NIP Informzaschita. Products by Security Code are used for information security, protection of confidential information and corporate secrets, personal data and top secrets.
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VMWare is the global leader in virtualization technology.
Owing to virtual infrastructures based on solutions by VMWare - from Data Centers and clouds to mobile oriented solutions - IT departments can organize flexible and portable workplaces and provide services any time and at any place all over the world.

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InfoTeX is one of the leading High Tech companies in Russia founded in 1989, currently the leader of Russian VPN market and information security means for TCP/IP networks, at desktops, servers and mobile computers. The company offers the whole range of development and support services for information security product — ViPNet — for restricted data, including personal data.
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InfoCrypt Ltd has been on the market of information security since 1991. Among the main interests are research in information security and development of hardware and software information security means including cryptographic products.
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Gazinformservice is one of the largest Russian system integrators in the area of information security and developer of unique software products for information security systems and access control systems for large corporations in energy and transport industry, for federal and local authorities, for financial and health care institutions.

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"Aquarius" is the oldest manufacturer of computing technique in Russia. The company has been on the market since 1989.
Nowadays the company owns a proprietary stack-conveyor production in a plant in town Shuya, Inavovskaya area in the central part of Russia. Complete range of computer equipment and devices to satisfy needs of corporate and federal customers is available.
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Avanpost is the leading Russian developer of solutions for identification and access control to information resources of the enterprise. Avanpost has been on the market of information technology and security since June 2007. By now Avanpost is the technological leader in Identity Management segment.

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Kraftway, founded 1993, is one of the leading Russian developer and manufacturer of trusted platforms with integrated information security solutions, secure software and hardware kits tailored to customer's requirements and integrator of infrastructural solutions.
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Company Crypto-Pro was founded in 2000 and is currently the leader in cryptographic and digital signature software. Company's main profile is development of cryptographic means for information security and promotion of Public Key Infrastructure based on Russian cryptographic algorithms and international standards and recommendations.

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Founded in 1872, LAUFFER PRESSEN made it's first hydraulic press by proprietary design in 1927. Since that time more than a thousand presses by LAUFFER PRESSEN have been used at industrial plants and factories all over the world.
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DATAMARS is the leading global supplier of highly effective and unique identification solutions based on RFID technologies. Striving to innovations helped the company to design, produce and supply highly efficient and reliable identification systems.
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The world leader in high tech motorized devices for plastic cards. The company was founded in 1998 in South Korea, now it holds a notable part of the market of automated identification and e-payments. Main business segments are manufacturing and supply of card issuing and accepting devices, motorized card readers, magnetic stripe encoders. The range includes devices for payment terminals and automated parkings, card issuing machines etc.
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Мировой лидер рынка смарт-билетов, модульных меток промышленного класса, RFID и NFC идентификаторов для беспроводных решений на рынке Интернета Вещей. Компания Confidex разрабатывает специальные RFID метки для таких сфер применения, где стандартные RFID метки не пригодны. Все эта продукция повышает эффективность и безопасность логистики, учета активов и идентификации товаров.
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BioControl AS
Since 1991 BioControl has been the leading technology provider and manufacturer of equipment and systems for automated identification in animal breeding. BioControl makes stationary and portable readers that are successfully used to collect data and process monitoring on farms all over the world. The equipment is certified and complies to international standards ISO 11784/11785 in animal breeding.
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The company develops and manufactures a wide range of products and components for automated identification. Nowadays, IDTECH, founded in 1985, employs more than 200 people on a few continents. The company is well known for highest quality, reliable and innovative products. Visit website
IDBLUE is one of the leading suppliers of ultra mobile HF and UHF RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), Bluetooth ® readers for smartphones and tablets. Product range of IDBLUE is developed for making effective solutions on goods tracking and identification in many spheres, such as medicine and health care, retail, housing services, aerospace, gas and oil and other industries.
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Gallagher Group
Gallagher Group Limited is the world leader in development, manufacture and supplying of high tech solutions in farming and animal breeding, security and fuel systems. The company has been on the market ever since 1938 and this year it celebrates 75 anniversary. Products by Gallagher Group Limited is successfully sold in 130 countries all over the world.
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The company develops and manufactures livestock identification systems since 1992. The products are adapted to every need and situation from traditional visual identification means to electronic systems.
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DATECS is the leading manufacturer and developer of innovative POS solutions. The product range includes mobile payment systems, printers, cash registers, barcode readers and peripheral devices.
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National Association of Cattle Breeders
Non-profit social issues oriented organization aims at to revive the industry and and unite singular participants of meat cattle breeding that are represented by individual farmers and entrepreneurs.
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National Union of sheep breeders
The Union offers assistance in raising highly effective breeds of sheep and in genetic pool preservation of low-numbered and endangered sheep breeds that can be useful in breeding new perspective strands.
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