RFID keyfobs ISBC®

NFC key fob ISBC® combines all the functions of bank cards with non-financial services. Integration of bank cards with city services: transport cards, ACS passes and electronic keys, bonus cards - allows you to live comfortably in a modern city.

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RFID key fobs ISBC® with full color printing and graphic personalization comprises an RFID tag (ISO 14443, ISO 15693).

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ISBC® RFID keyfobs with standard design, 7 color variations are available.

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RFID key fobs ISBC® can be supplemented with leather cases.. There is a choice of 7 colors, different texture and color firmware. Perfect to wear with keys, purse and other leather accessories.

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Millions of people already use ISBC® all over the world. Compact RFID key fob can easily replace any contactless cards.

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